Dedication to Improving Community Well-being

I have always been driven by a personal desire to make a positive impact on the world around me. This passion has led me to invest over 2 decades of my life in the fields of social policy analysis and community involvement. Through this journey, I have been able to develop a deep understanding of the issues and challenges facing individuals and communities, and I have been able to contribute my own ideas, solutions, and changes that are aimed at improving the fundamental well-being of those around me.”

Today, I work as an independent advisor, collaborating with government and non-government entities to develop social policies for parenting, alternative learning, and human capital development. With a passion for making a positive impact, I strive to bring my unique perspective to every project and to create change for individuals and communities.

Anisa AlSharif

I am also a certified Parenting Coach, utilizing my expertise to help Arab families build a secure attachment with their children and parent with confidence and joy. By providing guidance and support, I aim to empower them to create a positive and growth-promoting environment.

As a passionate keynote speaker, I share my expertise and experiences to inspire and empower others to make positive changes in their lives and communities. I am dedicated to creating meaningful connections with my audience and driving them to take action.

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